Poirot & The Orient Express It’s Not; The Peter Ellis case: Perth here we come


Location: Sydney’s Central Station – Team LF say good bye and Merry Xmas to one of our dedicated group, a WA bound associate who’s heading home to see family and help out with harvest. As an aside he’ll also be trying  to obtain a little more info on one of the Kiwi political players in the Peter Ellis case – a recent migrant to Australia.

Lauda Finem have postponed the publication of our series on the Peter Ellis miscarriage of justice case for a few days……why? Well that’s a very good question!

At the 11th hour we received a number of curious emails from what New Zealand’s media would just love to call a “devoted ex-pat Kiwi“, a temporary resident of Perth, WA, Australia….WTF?

Although from what we have heard so far from this particular ex-pat Kiwi, turned whistle-blower, they are no longer big fan’s of their country of origin (like so many refugee’s that arrive in Australia every year seeking political asylum), its polity, or for that matter its bent cops, judges and justice system; nor do they consider themselves  “temporary residents” of Australia; they (unlike so many bitching Kiwi’s have taken the time to obtain Australian citizenship…….a move that, we suspect, was necessary for their own protection?

With that in mind the whistle-blower now, allegedly, feels like disclosing some invaluable inside info on the Peter Ellis case and the pollies and cops involved.

The claims and some of the allegations that they’ve made over the past few days intrigued us so we felt it worthwhile to delay ( just a little) and send our intrepid traveller Carlo’s to investigate; it could of course be a load of National Party political bollocks; but its a risk we’re prepared to take….the price of a three day Indian-Pacific train journey (which Carlos had always wanted to do anyway) we’ll have to wait and see?

Rest assured Perth result or not we will be posting the first article in the Ellis series before 2012’s years end……..that’s a promise readers.

We have, however, managed to bring forward another series of posts so as to provide a little lite Xmas reading. That series of articles, which will be posted starting tomorrow evening (AWST), details a few of the cases of corruption in the New Zealand judiciary and gives a little insight into the many tools that the bent National Party Minister Judith Collins has at her disposal whilst  fucking-over David Bain, Joe Karam, justice Ian Binnie and ultimately David Bain’s case for compensation, compo for the 13 years in prison that we believe he deserves (if for no other reason than to protect and preserve New Zealand’s Justice system, “the separation of powers” and judicial integrity).

[Our Monies on the first 12:00 am, 25/12/2012, (AEDST) visit being from New Zealand Govt agent provocateur, a certain Ms “Helen Miken” of www.accforum.org].

Update 25/12/2012 @ 01:30 (AEDST): We were of course right

So look out for our post:



  1. Hi fampo,
    Sad but true, the New Zealand branch of “transparency International” has the wrong people controlling it and the reporting those same individuals sign off on, to be sent to the international body, will in the near future unfortunately reflect on the organisation as a whole.

  2. According to Transparency International, New Zealand is one of the least corrupt countries in the world. After some reading here, I find that doubtful…

    At http://www.fampo.no you can find more about corruption and human rights violations in several countries. Maybe you find it interesting.

    Erik Strand

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