The real face of NZ Justice: David Bain to Receive Compensation – Yeah right. (Part I)


Following our earlier posts, “National Party: Judith Collins Hires Porn Surfing Judge to Screw Bain”, we received information that clearly indicates that “retired” [but really sacked] High Court Justice “Robber” Fisher is not a man to be trusted with the responsibility of assisting the thoroughly corrupt National Party cabinet decide whether acquitted David Cullen Bain should receive around $2m [possibly more] in compensation.

“The previous Justice “robber” Fisher, now a barrister sole and still a right “joe hunt” [Aussie slang for cunt] which would rob his mother to ring a “gooses neck” [Aussie slang for”cheque”] out of the Government”

“The previous Justice “robber” Fisher, now a barrister sole and still a right “joe hunt”  which would rob his mother to ring a “gooses neck” out of the Government”

That story will be released within the next few weeks once we have researched and verified the evidence against Fisher.

If the material checks out it will destroy what is left of this mans reputation since he was caught “red handed” or “in flagrante delicto” as an un-treatable addict watching porn on the bosses clock.

On Fishers website, at the infamous breeding ground for corrupt legal gravy trainers, Auckland’s bankside chambers, where “smoke and mirrors”, was part of the brief to the interior designer that did their million dollar plus glass foyer fit out, Fisher touts his allegedly stellar career without mentioning his unlawful and criminal past.

We posted Justice Binnies press release response to Judith Collins (she likes to attack Justice Binnie’s personal and professional integrity] and have published Fishers interim report, which infers Justice Binnie is a “brother jurist idiot”.   We have also published Justice Binnie’s careful reply.

We will seek to prove that Fisher is a corrupt jurist, and should never ever be used in any official capacity, and should in fact be investigated for his criminal behavior whilst on the bench.

Over the holiday period (through to February) we will be releasing the evidence against Justice “Robber” Fisher when he sat on the Court of Appeal as a circuit Judge so that New Zealander’s will be able to better understand why it is that their justice system has, over many years, been corroded to the point that it is now seriously compromised.

The evidence indisputably indicates that Fisher (amongst others in the judiciary) is as corrupt as infamous “Ugandan Politician”; a status of corruption one further than a New Zealand Politician.  No doubt that’s why the corrupt Judith Collins called Fisher in, to do her dirty work arguing that Fisher is a great legal mind.

Sir Rodney Gallen, One useless old corrupt scroat now dead.

Sir Rodney Gallen, One useless old corrupt scroat now dead.

Well to the contrary our evidence points to the fact that either Fisher is a complete moron, or he is corrupt.   As we will seek to evidence in this story Bain will never get a “fair go” in New Zealand Courts because the judiciary of New Zealand are utterly incontestably corrupt and/or just plain stupid and, fortunately, a significant number of New Zealander’s are now “cottoning on” to this fact.

Fishers actions, when sitting on the Court of Appeal, bring the previously exalted reputations of Ted “Tanty” Thomas and Rodney “dodgy” Gallen JJ into complete disrepute as well.

Justice Thomas was well known for screaming from the bench at lawyers in his attempts to intimidate them.  Unfortunately for this narcissistic fuck tard on one such occasion he came across a businessman that yelled even louder and straight back; calling Thomas a “crook” to his face, and subsequently not held in contempt because the businessman had the goods to prove that Thomas J was exactly that, a lying National Party fucking  Toady , just like Fisher QC.

Gallen is now deceased, bless his passing, and adding a massive lethal dose of hypocrisy, Ted Thomas was the Judge that demanded that brother judge Bill Wilson resign as a Justice due to Wilson’s behavior when not admitting a possible conflict when owing a shit load of cash to Alan Galbraith QC when Galbraith appeared in front of Wilson, whilst Wilson was a Court of Appeal Judge.

Ted Thomas,

“Tanty” Ted Thomas,

Well “Tanty” Ted Thomas you crooked old “scroat” it is now your turn to admit to some very dishonest behavior, not that your behavior against Wilson was not bad enough, although we accept that Wilson should have recused himself, and should have been sacked rather than given the opportunity to resign saving the necks of at least three QC’s, the Chief Justice, the Attorney General and the Solicitor General.

In attempting to deal with Bain’s chances of success to be compensated we must deal with the evidence that proves that he and Karam, not that they do not already realize that this, are dealing with one of the most corrupt legal systems in the world, but for possibly the third world.  The simple meaning of this, as will be made out on the evidence in this article, is that Bain will not get a “fair hearing” and back room corruption at the hands of the likes of Judith Collins and Fisher will win the day just like it has occurred so many times in New Zealand’s history.

In fact this article serves to prove that the level of corruption is escalating to a point where the justice system in this country will come apart at the seams in the next decade, despite the bullshit attempts by the next Labour Government to reassure the public that changes have been made, and better scrutiny will be in place.  The truth of the matter is that the entire bench of every jurisdiction would need to be reassessed, and possibly made to reapply for their jobs once their history to date is “re-evaluated”.

Bill Wilson, sold out by his judicial brother Ted Thomas

Bill Wilson, sold out by his judicial brother Ted Thomas

We hope that our readers will read this series of articles as it will give the them a frightening awakening as to what has occurred in the recent past in New Zealand’s judiciary and an insight to what will inevitably occur in the immediate future.  We will also try and explain why we think that it would be a huge injustice if Bain is not compensated, not only for Bain, but for many more people that are clearly completely innocent of crimes that the hopelessly incompetent and corrupt New Zealand Police Service has fitted them up on.

To realise what an utter scumbag Ted Thomas is Lauda Finem researched the case into his behavior when accusing now disgraced Bill Wilson, alleging that “Silly Billy” Wilson had misled the Court of Appeal about his $10 million of QC [Quick Cash] business deals with Alan Galbraith QC that were still ongoing when Galbraith won a Court case where Wilson presided as an appellant Judge.

Judges must of course disclose all business dealings that are still alive when they sit on the bench, and have an ongoing obligation to do so in order that a perceived bias can be avoided.  The reasons for this obligation are obvious.  Firstly the Courts must “appear” to be truly independent.  Secondly, should judges fail to do so the costs associated with rehearing cases would be considerable to the Courts, not to mention the litigants.

Additionally, what would the outcome be if a different Court of the same jurisdiction came to a different decision at rehearing; and if it came to the same conclusion as the first Court, would not a stigma be left that the Court did so in order to protect its reputation.

It will become clear that the current judiciary is labored with National Party appointedlifers” such as Sian Seerpoohi Elias, who was appointed Chief Justice of New Zealand in 1999 when Jenny Shipley was Prime Minister for a day or two before New Zealand’s first real female Prime Minister, Helen Clark, took office.  We Australians do not think Jenny was a real female, whereas, dear old Helen had all the right private parts, but probably preferred she didn’t.

It will become clear that Ted Thomas hated Wilson’s guts because Wilson  had gone from being a barrister straight to the Court of Appeal, which was, until then, unheard of.  Thomas however had a problem fucking over  Bill Wilson because Thomas wanted to protect another scumbag and fawning fuck tard friend of both him and Wilson, Alan Galbraith QC, who even advertises his involvement with horse breeding in the Waikato on his website.

Alan Galbraith, Wilson's mate

Alan Galbraith, Wilson’s mate

Alan “Quick Cash” Galbraith, another eminent “jurist” that doesn’t know Arthur from Martha when applying the law.”

How fucking thick were the litigants that got rolled, (being a company called Saxmere) or moreover the barristers on the other side, given that every lawyer in the country knew about the relations between these two close business associates.  There were even cute shots of the two private school lads on the internet; we might add looking rather pleased when playing with themselves;

Now when “Tanty” Ted Thomas wanted to fuck over Bill Wilson he had been given the “ins and outs” of Wilson’s dishonesty by Jim Farmer QC .

As rapper Eminem put it;

“So this is it, this is what I wished for

Just isn’t how I envisioned it, fame to the point of imprisonment

I just thought the shit’d be different

But something changed the minute I got a whiff of it

I started to inhale it, smell it, I just couldn’t quite

I just wanted a little bit then it turned me to a monster

I became a hypocrite……

I was raking in the dough, rolling in the green

Had the game hemmed up, like a sewing machine”

Wilson and Galbraith, playing horsey down on the farm.

Wilson and Galbraith, playing horsey down on the farm.

Farmer QC knew, once he had trusted Ted Thomas with his confidence, that he had made a big mistake in trusting this particular fuck tard.  In a significant number of emails between the two men the following was stated;

Email from Ted Thomas to Farmer Saturday 4 July 2009 at 11.14am;

“I am glad to see that Alan is going to see the CJ.  But I don’t think that this will absolve him-or others of us in the know- from responsibility if nothing happens. Alan will always feel that he is privy to an unacceptable lapse in judicial behavior, like being an accessory after the fact…….The only satisfactory solution is for Bill to go.  Saying this does not come easily as, although aware that he can run with the hares and hunt with the hounds, I have always liked Bill”

Jim Farmer QC,

Jim Farmer QC, the behind the scenes “cleaner” of New Zealand Justices arsehole’s

Now children of Aotearoa, what the fuck is Ted Thomas going on about that only Bill Wilson “has to go”?

Now lets take a look at what Ted Thomas said in the opening line of the same email;

“The first objective must be to ensure that Alan comes out of this squeaky clean

This “objective” is this scumbags MO.  How can, in one statement, Ted Thomas demand that a Judge, aware of the situation, before agreeing to sit on the bench on a case must resign from being a judge, whilst in another statement in the same communication, state that his “B.F.F.”  Galbraith, who was also aware of the dishonest behavior, and participated in it, should be protected and come up or out “squeaky clean”.

If anything Galbraith is far worse, because he knew it was wrong, whereas it would appear that Wilson was a bit thick, or shall we say narcissistic.  Anyway why is Galbraith ganging up on Wilson; only because he thinks that he will get fucked over publicly if and when the media find out.

We here at Lauda Finem believe that these three scumbags, being Farmer, Galbraith and Thomas, were giving poor old Wilson a “Jock Lock Wedgie” not to be confused with a “squeaky clean wedgie”, as according to Teddy “tanty” Ted Thomas it was only his mate that could be saved.

This is what Ted Thomas said to Farmer about Wilson (behind Wilson’s back of course) relating to how he wanted to protect Galbraith but wanted to fuck Wilson whilst protecting the large financial debt that Wilson owed Galbraith (which was the very reason there had been such a conflict of interest);

Email Thomas to Farmer Monday 6 July 2009 at 5.57;

“Is Alan in jeopardy of not being repaid, or not repaid in full, either in respect of the debt or the guarantee if Bill gets the miff or otherwise?.  And does this business arrangement mean that Alan and Bill have to have an ongoing business relationship? The fact that Alan rang Bill back is unfortunate.  At this point he should be maintaining his distance.

 Bill is clearly desperate.  He has lied about the fact that some monies, if not half a million, were not due at the time of the Saxmere hearing, about the fact that re

payment of the loan had not been demanded, about the existence of the guarantee, and I suspect he has lied about the conversation with Blanchard as well.  It is difficult seeing how Blanchard could think that a non- demand loan should not be disclosed.  Bill would still be hock to Alan.  And Bill obviously did not mention the guarantee to Blanchard”

Again what obligation has a QC to the court to disclose such information that may materially affect the outcome of a court case involving what Ted Thomas called lies and blatant dishonesty of a QC and a Supreme Court justice.

It would appear that in New Zealand a QC can casually call up a Supreme Court justice to discuss how “they” had jointly misled the other members of the Court, and litigants; and New Zealander’s believe that their judiciary is competent and independent?

Wake up and smell the horse shit?  But the obvious corruption involving these fuck tard’s gets a lot fucking worse, and doesn’t ever get better…..look at this statement by “justice” Ted Thomas to Farmer; made in the same email;

“Another reason why I think Alan should go to the Chief Justice at once is that I am not confident that Bill will be prepared to go down alone…..I am confirmed in my view that Alan should see Sian forthwith.  Alan and Colin should, I feel, know that you have kept me informed so that they are aware that the decision as to what to do and when to do it is not entirely in their hands.”

In a reply to this email and another earlier email from Ted Thomas Farmer QC voices his concerns about “tanty Ted Thomas‘s” alleged concern for the system, and the judiciary, when we believe that Farmer QC knew only to well, from personal experience, that “tanty Ted” was more corrupt than the average New Zealand judge;

……It would have been far better if I had never confided any of this to you, because Alan has been relying on me for advice and counsel.  Mr reason for discussing it with you was because the ramifications of this are enormous – for Bill, for Alan, for the Supreme Court, for the system as a whole – was to ensure that I gave the best advice that I could to Alan.  That remains the same and I would be very concerned if you intervened in the process at this stage (beyond your continuing counsel to me) out of a concern for the system…..The time for protecting the system will come soon enough but it should do so without prejudicing Alans position in the meantime”.

Farmer and “tanty Ted” started to scwobble over the appropriate way forward with “tanty Ted” becoming concerned that his dislike of Wilson may have become obvious to the gaggle of Queen’s Counsel, and that he may have to “intervene” unless Galbraith could “fess up” in a face to face meeting with chief justice Elias J.

Otherwise the moment to “nail” Wilson would have passed. Of course again how the fuck was it that a mere QC managed to obtain a private audience with the Chief Justice about a court case that had already been decided without counsel for the other side being present in Court or in chambers.

In the Supreme Court this would require the Judgment to be recalled and the original Court, the Court of Appeal, deciding the case afresh.  For this process to be so easily contemplated this type of corruption must be rampant in New Zealand.

Email from “tanty ted Thomas” to Farmer QC dated Wednesday 15 July 2009 at 12.08pm;

“I urge you to persuade Alan (Galbraith) to actually meet, and not just arrange an interview, with the Chief Justice by the end of the week”

Email from “tanty Ted Thomas” to Farmer QC dated Friday 17 July 2009 at 10:19 a.m;

“I feel very strongly that any judge or lawyer who is privy to this situation has a duty to act.  If nothing is done the Judge or lawyer is complicit in covering the facts up…. The Court is dysfunctional – contaminated might not be too strong a word – and every litigant is appearing before a Court which, for the reasons I gave in an earlier email, is not as independent as the litigant has the right to expect”

Now this is all very interesting and rather principled as long as his mate Galbraith QC can secretly meet with the Chief Justice (Elias) and quietly fuck Wilson while allegedly protecting his back.  “Tanty” Ted, what the fuck are you dribbling about you old fool?.

Email from  Farmer to “tanty ted” dated Saturday 18 July 2009 at 11.11am;

“Alan has however met with her and its plain that she does know the situation”

From the emails and other correspondence that Lauda Finem has now been privy to during the authoring of this article it is obvious that there are probably hundreds of telephone calls between the various individuals, and equally a number of “secret” meetings.

However it became obvious that Wilson was resisting going, and that he had indicated that he would take others down with him if he was forced to resign, and similarly his position was the same if there were hearing’s into his behavior, and the behavior of others such as Galbraith QC;

Email from Farmer to “tanty Ted” dated Sunday 19 July 2009 at 9.54 am;

Sian will be in a difficult position and I would think it possible that if Bill does go down he will endeavor to ensure that he takes her with him”.

As time went on it became obvious to “tanty Ted” Thomas that Elias and the gaggle of QC’s had in fact been designing a way to remove all of the “business obligations” that Wilson had with Galbraith and that Wilson would stay on the bench; effectively another Elias, Chief Justice, corrupt cover up;

Same email Farmer to “tanty” Ted;

“I think a new dimension that has emerged is Sians position.  It is probably the case that she has been aware –to what extent I do not know – for some time of the fact that the real situation does not accord with what Bill has been declaring….”

…Bill is being ejected from all his horse arrangements – not because of the legal issues – but because he is a partner that does not meet his obligations”

However “tanty Ted” was not so easily fooled, being the little hypocrite and vengeful toady that he is.  In an email immediately back to Farmer, “tanty” let rip alleging that Elias, New Zealand’s Chief Justice, was not aware of any of the information and that Alan had not given her disclosure on his, and Wilson’s, “mateship”;

Email from “tanty” Ted to Farmer dated 23 July 2009 at 10.12 pm;

“Dear Jim 

Either you have been bullshitting me or Alan has been bullshitting you.  As you know, and as I know and accept, you have not been bullshitting me.  So where does this leave Alan?

Sian rang me back from Hong Kong on Sunday night and discussed this matter with me for over half an hour.  I read from notes that I had prepared, my informant being “anonymous”.

First Alan has not put the facts to her. He has not her the material which you said he was preparing, including the position in relationship to his subsequent appearances in the Supreme Court. She had coffee with Alan only the day or so before and Alan had told her no more than he was buying Bill out”

Now the importance of this statement is the following.  If Elias did not know about the corruption, why the fuck would Galbraith decide to tell her about buying Wilson out of anything?.  Was Elias that fucking thick, or just covering her fat, “rotten to the core”, arse?

Next; Part Two, Part Three coming soon.

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