John Keys “rent boy” Cam Slater wants to fuck Bain [badly] using a corrupt District Court Judge.

micheal guest


Backed by an electronic receptionist, a sports editor, John ‘boy’ Matheson and a competitors organizer Fiona “moaner” Wilson, journeyman  journo (unqualified and a complete absence of talent) Cam Slater wrote a masterful expose about the Bain case without knowing how good it was.

Today one of our supporters arrived in Sydney with a copy of Fairfax’s success story “The Truth” which had the headline “Liar Liar” with the subheading advertising that the story was exclusive, Slater having purportedly made an official information request from his national party mate, Judith collins.   Our supporter bought the paper for the prostitute ads section, of which  three quarters of this particular shite sheets pages are dedicated to.

Slater admits that he could not write the entire story confirming that “additional reporting” was done by Stephen Cook (whoever that fuck tard is).  We suspect that Stephen Cook may actually be a pseudonym used by Cam to infer that there are more than two staff still employed at the Truth.

truth_page_1_jan3Slater’s exclusive revelation is that disgraced thieving lawyer and “retired” District Court Judge, Michael “what money” Guest (photo top) had made allegations against David Bain relating to Bain arguing at his first trial that he had not worn his mothers prescription glasses, but had later admitted to Guest and co counsel Jonelle Williams that he had in fact worn the glasses the Sunday evening before the killings occurred the following day.

Apparently according to Slater Guest raised the admission with the Crown counsel during the trial, but it was agreed with counsel Bill Wright that this “startling admission” should not be raised with the Judge nor the Jury as there only remained 3 days in the trial.

Slater then goes on endlessly to explain what is obvious.  If Bain lied about one thing he might have lied about others.  Whoa Tiger slow down- let us catch up with your genius….

What thickfuck Slater doesn’t understand is that no matter where the various bits of those glasses were found, it remains as possible that the Police “planted” the evidence as they did in the Thomas case, or there could be a perfectly reasonable explanation not inculpatory to Bain.

Further the admission does not of itself hurt Bain as claimed as his admission only relates to a time a day prior about wearing his mothers glasses, we presume for reading.  This is all resting on the premise that Guest can be trusted to be telling the truth, which we doubt due to matters raised later in this article.

Slater then goes on to claim that David was unlikely to be able to kill his family without the glasses.  Geez Cam you should get a set of fucking glasses and redo the third form for the sixth fucking time. Bain allegedly killed his father after dispensing with Steven, so Bain did not have the glasses at that time as the crown case is that the glasses were destroyed during the fight when Steven unsuccessfully tried to defend himself against his killer.

Therefore as the glasses were unnecessary for Bain to have committed the murders, so why would Bain have worn them.  In fact the glasses would have been a hindrance, rather than a help as all victims were shot at relatively close range.


The New Zealand Truths editor, Cameron Slater

Therefore they are not the “piece of evidence” that proves anything other than it is possible that Robin Bain may have worn them, or someone might have planted them there.  We just have to remember the evidence of the axles and stubs that were found around the body of the Crewe’s and the matching automotive parts found on the Thomas’s farm.  Again a Police “invention” of “reliability and importance” as to how that evidence “came about”.

Now we come to Mr Guest, previously District Court Judge Guest (Family court division). Guest’s appallingly inadequate representation of Bain’s case is probably three quarters of the reason that Bain was found guilty in the first trial.

As for Guest going to the Crown to report the admission by Bain during the trial we believe that Guest is lying for the following reasons.  Firstly the admission is not as damning as claimed for the reasons explained above.

Secondly Bain admitting such a fact to counsel would seem to infer Bain is really stupid or was attempting to be helpful and as truthful as he could.

Thirdly as the admission is not as damning as stated why then would Guest try and make it so by going to Crown.  Obviously Crown counsel in not taking it to the Judge agreed that the evidence was not helpful.

Fourthly, there is another angle that Slater is not bright enough to have picked up on.  The evidence is inadmissible in law due to client counsel confidentiality.  If any admission is made to counsel such as a confession to commission, or involvement in the commission, of a criminal act, counsel can attempt to have the person change their plea, but otherwise must resign, so counsel does not act to mislead the Court.

In his letter Mr Guest does not deal with this blatant issue relating to his credibility, but then again dear old Mr Guest is a fucking scumbag, a lying cheating thief, like most New Zealand lawyers who become Judges.  The following Southland Times (another Fairfax paper that the retarded Slater did not bother to read) reported these facts which we believe destroy Guests credibility altogether;

Former Invercargill District Court judge Michael Guest is allowed to practise law again, but money remains his Achilles heel.

The New Zealand Lawyers and Conveyancers Disciplinary Tribunal yesterday released its decision, allowing Dunedin-based Mr Guest – a “clever, capable, but flawed lawyer” – to practise as a barrister only.

The 59-year-old must follow some strict conditions, particularly related to money. The tribunal was also scathing in some of its observations of Mr Guest, who is also a Dunedin City councillor.

He had a tendency toward overstatements that sometimes departed from reality and truth, the tribunal decision said.

The tribunal’s decision follows a Dunedin hearing in July after Mr Guest applied to return to law. It was opposed by the New Zealand Law Society, represented by Dunedin lawyer Len Andersen, who declined to comment yesterday.

Mr Guest was struck off in 2001 by the Law Practitioners Disciplinary Tribunal, after it found him guilty of taking $25,000 more from a client than he was entitled to and lying to a client about legal aid. Guest was ordered to pay back $30,335, $5000 compensation to the client and $62,899 costs.

He unsuccessfully appealed the decision to the High Court in 2002.

The tribunal’s decision also details Mr Guest’s resignation as an Invercargill District Court judge in 1989. This was because he was about to become bankrupt, the decision says. It took Mr Guest about seven years to pay back his creditors. After leaving Invercargill, he worked for a time in Tauranga.

The tribunal, chaired by Judge Dale Clarkson, said it was satisfied that Mr Guest understood, accepted and did not argue with his past serious wrongdoing.

Mr Guest was unable to be contacted yesterday.

Before Mr Guest is restored to the bar, he must first give a written undertaking that he will adhere to a strict list of conditions.

The conditions include:

Reimbursing by December 20, 2013 the New Zealand Law Society $30,000 paid from its Fidelity Fund “because of Mr Guest’s dishonesty”.

Not receiving any money directly from clients.

All money must be paid into his solicitor’s trust account until the work had been performed, and a bill of costs given to the solicitor”

Source: Guest allowed to practise law again (Southland Times)


Fuck, what an embarrassment that Slater would purport to be “the truth” when not reporting the full truth about the scumbag source making the allegations.  Michael Guest’s as bent as a dingo’s hind leg and not a single word can be trusted, but Slater did report something to give his cowardly assassination of Bain some “balance”;

“Guest- who was struck off in 2001 for professional misconduct for lying to a client – has now weighed in with criticism of Binnies findings”

It is now on the cards that the thick as pig shit and ruthlessly cunning tax lawyer Judith Collins will likely reward Mr Guest with an appointment to the Supreme Court for his dutiful help and ongoing servitude to injustice in all its prolific forms in the New Zealand Judiciary and its related ministry.   As for the fucktard National Party lackey Cameron Slater, well he wont last very long if he continues to write this sort of drivel, then dishonestly attempting to pass it of as “the truth”.  And as for Fairfax; well they hired Slater as their last chance; nuff said.


  1. Byron Grubers says:

    PS this low rent national party toady Slater was employed by Fairfax to boost the circulation of it’s failing porn and prostitution rag the “Truth”. So this cowboy has a cheap shot at Bain. I hold no torch for David Bain, in fact I think the evidence is fairly clear that the killer was not his father. The facts are “Children” the filth did not nail Bain he got off. He’s unlikely to kill any more “Bains”. His team won the day, so lets wallow in just how bad it makes a corrupt system look! wheeling out and promoting scumbags like Guest dosn’t help the “nats ” or the prosecutions cause……but its delightful to watch them squirm!

  2. Byron Grubers says:

    What I find disturbing is this guy Guest was a district Court Judge. He’s so fucking dodgy he’s not allowed to handle clients money. He’s so dishonest he allegedly dobs in his clients to the crown….what the fuck is going on in this country. Imagine how sound all his judgements were in the District Court. Frankly it defies imagination just how many decent people he has shafted. I can only imagine how many decisions were based on a wink and a nod. I want to vomit!

  3. Ironsides says:

    The “fucktards” numbers have grown somewhat over recent times along with their cranial dimensions and sense of importance and value to the populace. Its the New Year. . . time to tear them another Grrr the crunchabunts!

  4. I have read this article again and their is a serious undertone to “fucktard” Slaters omissions to tell the truth…..and his obvious “friendship with corruption” which seems to be a fairfax staple…..he should be sacked, and publicly fucked over……and I feel that a twitter petition is in order…..just my thoughts. Again great work that evokes thought….about how fucking serious the completely absurd things can be if you think about them….to the point that you consider “fight” and stay in NZ, or “flight”….to Aus of course. Aus is looking good but I want NZ to be all that it can be……????????

    Thank you LF.

  5. Indeed the LF team are doing an important job of highlighting the types who are making NZ a laughing stock. The more corrupt NZ becomes, the worse the injustices will get, and they are horridly frequent already.!

  6. Judith Collins…………….. ‘copswhore’

    A dodgy………………………….

    Michael Guest


    Now this for christ sake

    The Herald on Sunday (HOS) newspaper was justified in sacking assistant editor Stephen Cook, who was being investigated as part of a police inquiry into drug dealing, the Employment Relations Authority has ruled.

    The authority was told Cook was dismissed in December last year because he would not tell his newspaper bosses why he was under suspicion.

    They responded by saying they had lost trust and confidence in him, which made his position untenable.

    Cook’s work car had been seen outside an Auckland property under surveillance by the police drugs squad.

    And a mental patient…………………..Cameron (the tub of lard) Slater.

    Who will be next to climb aboard the crazy train????????????????????

    Jesus Christ we look fucking stupid.

  7. great piece, right on the money. I laughed and laughed and laughed and so did my mates. The sun shone on Auckland today in more ways than you would believe, and the light came from a brightness from over the tasman. God bless the digger.

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